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Jesus said, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of ...Children"

Fish Hook Ministries, your resource for sharing God's Word with God's Children. Using musicals (Shoestring Musicals) and messages (Back Pocket Parables), we bring God's Word to life.

We start with Scripture, then add everyday objects, examples and language to tell a story and share a message in 20 minutes. All Shoestring Musicals are created with an "I have that" and "I can do that" approach (on a shoestring budget using simple supplies). Read More

Your go-to resource for sharing 5 minute messages with your children. Back Pocket Parables use everyday language and everyday objects to relate a biblical truth in a child’s everyday world.  Use as children's sermons, Sunday school starters, camp devotions... wherever kids are gathered. Read More

Everything you need to know to bring Shoestring Musicals to life – hook, line and sinker! Let us show you how easy it can be to teach the songs and scripts, create the scenery and stage a Shoestring Musical.

Video and on-site forums are available. Contact us for details.

Have a child in your ministry that loves God and is eager to lead? Let us know. A portion of all Fish Hook Ministries proceeds are set aside to help fund a kid’s summer camp experience. To nominate a child, Click Here