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Fish Hook Ministries is your resource for sharing God’s Word with God’s Children.

Using musicals (Shoestring Musicals) and messages (Back Pocket Parables) to catch kids for Christ!



We start with Scripture, then add everyday objects, examples and language to tell a story and share a message in 20 minutes.

“I HAVE THAT” and “I CAN DO THAT” are the foundation for all Shoestring Musicals.  No large budgets or elaborate scenery is needed (although if you have large budgets and elaborate stage capabilities, feel free to use them when telling these stories). Each story is told in 20 minutes and can be mastered in as few as 6 rehearsals – which fits comfortably within your children’s attention span.

Most of the script (scripture woven throughout creative commentary and interpretation) is carried by one or more storytellers (no memorization needed).  Add some kids who like to speak, some reluctant “actors” to serve as stagehands, and a few (or many) other kids who serve as the crowds and the choir and your children are ready to tell a Shoestring Musical.

Staging and props are simple and creative.  Ladders become boats, signposts, walls…   Fabric becomes water, rainbows, big fish…   Add poster board, hats, everyday items and you’re good to go with the scenery.

Original songs are kid-friendly in a variety of styles.  Refrains and repetitive lines make it easy for children of every age to sing along.

Directors and children of any experience level can successfully share the message found in each Shoestring Musical.



Following Jesus’ example of using parables to teach, BackPocket Parables use everyday language and everyday objects to relate a Biblical truth in a child’s everyday world.

BackPocket Parables are collections of 5 minute conversations with children that share a life lesson.  Every parable is created to talk with (not at) children so that children are actively involved in discussing and discovering God’s message for us.  See how you can use a dead flower, a dirty cup, a t-shirt and almost any object familiar to a child to explore and explain what the Bible teaches.

BackPocket Parables are perfect for use as a children’s message in worship; as an introduction to a Bible lesson in church or school; as a camp devotion; and as a discussion around the dinner table or bedside.

Each volume contains 26 conversations and is packaged, as the name implies, to fit in your back pocket… a grab and go resource for anywhere children are gathered.


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Not only do we offer quality products to actively engage children in the Bible and its message, we partner with Christian camps to change lives.  A portion of all proceeds from our musicals and messages are set aside for our Matthew 419 Camp Scholarship Fund.

Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of…” children!  We know most translations read “fishers of men” or “fishers of people” but here at FishHook Ministries we are fishing for children – catching kids for Christ!